Lee Manders, Treasurer, reported that the congregation is financially well ahead of where it was this time last year and is expected to break nearly even this year. He continues to closely track our results.

The Board discussed the congregation’s current policies for bar and bat mitzvah training.  Currently all students receive individual instruction from the rabbi, which is uncommon and sets us apart. Growth requires us to study how best to handle the increasing student and time loads. The Worship and Religious School Committees will deliberate possible solutions or changes and bring their recommendations to the Board.

A Capital Campaign Committee has been established with three members who will begin a campaign to begin gathering funds for a future building. Meanwhile, we are still seeking a new rental space to accommodate our growing Religious School.

Gail Chandler’s cousin and new member, Rabbi Stanley Miles, has kindly offered to speak to the Board about his experience in building a small congregation in Kentucky over 37 years to more than 250 members. Gail will speak to him about a date to meet the Board in person for a Q & A with the Board and to offer his advice.

The Board discussed whether CBS should celebrate more holidays on the actual date when they actually fall, rather than at the closest Shabbat service. The Worship Committee will consider it. In the meantime, we discussed celebrating Erev Simchat Torah on Sunday, October 23, with Shaarey Tefilla.

The Board continued to discuss CBS goals for the current year and their implementation.

Sarah Hann

Recording Secretary