In the spring of 2017 the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis plans to carry out the first demographic survey of the Jewish community in Central Indiana in 70 years.  Everyone who participates will receive the results in the fall of 2017.  In the interests of highest accuracy, Federation needs the widest pool of names possible to randomly select from in order to conduct the survey and is asking every Jewish organization in town to provide a list of member names and phone numbers.  In view of the immense importance to having access to this data, the Board discussed the pros and cons of turning over such information and requested that the Federation representative be invited to the December CBS Board meeting in person to answer more questions before the Board makes its final decision on how to proceed.                                                                              

The recent passing of the husband of a CBS Sisterhood member who is not a member of our congregation opened the issue of how to treat condolence notices for non-congregational members in our newsletter and the role of our Caring Circle.  The Board concluded that CBS will publish a condolence in the email newsletter and social media about Sisterhood or Brotherhood members who are not congregational members but will not include funeral or memorial details. The Caring Circle will be activated only for congregational members.

CBS will look into the possibility of joining the Federation’s Life & Legacy initiative.  The program began locally in early 2015 and concerns incentives to local Jewish entities for creating an endowment for any Jewish organization through the bequest of legacy gifts.   President Karen Friedman will attend a meeting on November 17 to find out more and to determine whether CBS is eligible or not to participate.

The Relocation Committee will meet next week to investigate the possibility of partnering with Hollis Adams Foundation to secure and share a larger space for our religious school and other activities.  Our current quarters have proven to be too small for our growing needs.

Future Board meeting dates were selected as follows:  December 13, 2016; January 10, 2017; February 7, 2017, March 14, 2017, April 13, 2017; and May 9, 2017.  The Annual Congregational Meeting will be held in June.

Sarah Hann

Recording Secretary