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Congregation Beth Shalom offers a meaningful and unique approach towards worship. As a religious community, we accept that everyone is on their own path to spirituality. Through communal and private worship, individual and class study, and novel experiences, Beth Shalom endeavors to enhance each unique journey.

Worship at Congregation Beth Shalom centers around Shabbat, major holidays, and the High Holy Days.  We observe the ebb and flow of the year through the innovative use of liturgy, readings, and music. Traditional worship is merged with modern themes to build a link from the past into the future. Services are a balanced mix of English and Hebrew, traditional and contemporary melodies. All are encouraged to join in.

Services and Holidays

Congregation Beth Shalom offers diverse worship opportunities including Friday night services, Saturday Morning Torah Study, Tot Shabbats, and celebration of Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Hanukkah, Purim, Passover and Tu B’shvat and Shavuot. Guest musicians and speakers as well as lay participants, frequently enhance the worship services and help to keep the experience fresh. Unique services including our annual Shabbark and BBQ Shabbat have become favorite traditions.

Friday night services include Onegs and are often followed by dinners at local restaurants which we call “Daven and Dine.”

We hope you find our services welcoming, enjoyable and an effortless way to make new friends.  Don’t want to come alone? No problem. Contact Mickie Gurvis at mgurvis @comcast.net and she will be happy to have someone greet you and to be your host.

Life Cycle Events

Congregation Beth Shalom supports all traditional Life Cycle Events.  We hope to be there in times of special Simchas and in times of sorrow.  These events are the natural evolution from birth to death and are often a central part of every Jewish family.  Our Rabbi is there to assist and provide any guidance or counseling that may be requested.

B’rit Milah

This powerful ceremony celebrates new life and brings our sons into Judaism’s sacred covenant. Our worship committee and Rabbi support the parents in preparation for the ceremony and may co-officiate along with the Mohel.  Family doctors may also perform the circumcision in collaboration with a ceremony provided by the Rabbi.

Baby Naming/Simchat Bat

We celebrate the great blessing of a newborn daughter with a ceremony that brings her into the covenant, and confers upon her a Hebrew name.  Jewish babies are given Hebrew names shortly after they are born. This ceremony often includes family members of the new baby. If a member or child who has not received a Hebrew name, there is always an opportunity to perform this ceremony either in private or during a special Shabbat Service.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

In the Jewish faith Bar/Bat Mitzvah students move from childhood to adulthood usually around the age of 13 for boys and 12-13 for girls.  Bar Mitzvah means “Son of the Commandment.” Bat Mitzvah means “Daughter of the Commandment.”  And B’nai Mitzvah is the plural, meaning “Children of the Commandment.” At Congregation Beth Shalom, the process is tailored to the abilities and experience level of each child. Our Rabbi structures each program individually to build upon each child’s strengths.   B’Nei Mitzvah instruction is available for adults who wish to celebrate a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.


This wonderful, joyous occasion is always a treasured event in temple life.  Congregation Beth Shalom welcomes our members to become married by our clergy, regardless of religious affiliation or sexual orientation. Our Rabbi is also there to counsel and guide the couple through all aspects of a Jewish wedding ceremony. A lovely chuppah is available for all CBS members to use.


The Jewish faith offers many powerful end-of-life traditions. Our Rabbi supports our families throughout the process and tailors the rituals to create a meaningful end-of-life experience for each family.  He is available to perform the funeral ceremony, the eulogy and help guide the family through the most difficult of times.


Congregation Beth Shalom members are invited and encouraged to provide the name and yahrzeit of beloved ones who have departed. Either the Hebrew or English date of their death may be observed.  Their memory is honored by announcing their name at the Erev Shabbat Services during the anniversary month of their passing.

Healing for our Loved Ones

We invite Temple members to add the names of loved ones and friends who are facing the challenge of illness or injury to our Healing List.  Our wish is to support them and their members by reading their names and including them in our communal Mi Shebeirach prayers during Shabbat services. These names are read at our Erev Shabbat Service, followed by singing the Mi Shebeirach blessing.  In addition, our Rabbi also provides personal spiritual support when needed.

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