A Message From Our President

Hello to all my fellow CBS members! I want to thank you for putting your trust and confidence in me by electing me your next CBS president. I am honored and humbled that you have put the leadership of our young congregation’s future into my hands.

This year, your new Board of Directors will be committed to working extra hard to make this congregation stronger, more vibrant and more responsive to you and your ideas. I deeply believe that you, and those of us who represent you, are a TEAM. Only by working together will we not just succeed, we will flourish. 

CBS is a special group. People seek us out because our members care. We care about each other, we care about tikkun olam, and we care about keeping the tenets of Judaism—regardless of how or how much we practice it—alive in the world for the next generation.

So, what can YOU do? We all have passions and talents. What are yours? If you are already actively helping, we appreciate and thank you! If not, please tell me or one of the other CBS members what you will do to pitch in. It takes doing just one thing to make a difference. It doesn’t really matter what you choose. Just BE INVOLVED. People succeed when they do what they love.

I am here for you. I want to know your questions, comments or feedback and look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible better this year. Even though I am now officially your Madame President, I am still just me, a regular congregant like you, with CBS’s best future at heart. Help me make that happen!

May CBS and all its members in the year to come go from strength to strength.

Karen Friedman