Treasurer Jeff Seidenstein confirmed we have welcomed two new families to CBS so far this year.  He gave his financial report to the Board and stated his confidence in CBS’ reaching its financial goals.

Rent for our considered new space will likely double what we pay currently, which has been substantially lower than other market rates.  The Board discussed raising several thousand more for needed renovations to the new space.

Rabbi Halpern will be away during the Thanksgiving Shabbat service, and Jen Warriner will lead it in his absence.

The Board also discussed increasing the number of Friday night services we offer each month after positive feedback in that regard from members of the congregation and input from the Worship Committee.

The Board approved a policy precluding any congregational member who is acting in an official capacity from giving out the emails of other congregational members. Anyone wishing to contact someone else in the congregation via email will be referred to the telephone numbers already provided in the CBS Directory and asked to contact the members themselves for their email addresses.

Feedback about our new potential rental space at the Petticrew Mediation Center on W. 96th St was overwhelmingly positive. The Religious School teachers are also in favor. The Board discussed feedback from the September 8 Shabbat service and potential issues and solutions. The Board is still discussing the terms of the lease. After we reach a decision about the lease, we will decide whether to keep our current PO Box.  A committee will be formed to handle contracting concerns.