Jewish Federation representatives Sheila Yuckman and Debbie Barton Grant attended the meeting to explain and answer questions about the coming 2017 Jewish Demographic Survey in Indianapolis.  Such a survey will be the first one done in Indianapolis since 1937. Federation will blanket the area with information to prepare the public for the survey and to urge them to participate. To be conducted professionally, randomly and totally anonymously, its results, which will become available free of charge to all Jewish institutions next fall, will yield powerful data upon which local Jewish organizations can base their marketing expectations and future actions.  The CBS Board voted to participate fully with the JFGI and to provide directly to the demographers all the necessary information on CBS membership that the study requires in order to yield complete and accurate results.

The Board discussed CBS’s core values.  These are crucial to knowing exactly who we are and what we stand for.  It also talked about ideas for a succinct tagline for the congregation to use on all our materials.  The discussion will be continued at the Board level on the core values and in the Marketing Committee for the tagline.

The Relocation Committee has spoken with the Hollis Adams Foundation about working in a shared space.  Location is a concern. There is a potential church at 110th and College that will become available within the next six months to a year.  Nothing solid has been found yet, however.  Treasurer Lee Manders will check into the buildings on the east side of Meridian between 86th and 96th Streets.

Rabbi Stanley Miles from Kentucky, a CBS congregational member who recently retired from his congregation there, is keen to help CBS in any way we can use him.  He may be useful in Worship or Educational ways.  Rabbi Halpern and Rabbi Miles will talk, and Rabbi Halpern will report back at the next meeting on what they come up with.  He is a valuable resource we want to take full advantage of in the most appropriate way possible.

President Karen Friedman reported that CBS is no longer able to participate in the Indianapolis Jewish community’s Life & Legacy effort.  Because we were unavailable to join at its inception, it is already a year down the road and cannot accept new participants.  However, we were able to bring away some useful information to help our own congregational benefit in its future efforts.

The Board discussed recommendations from the Worship and Religious School Committees on charging for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation training but decided to table the discussion until the next meeting until further information is available from the Religious School Committee that might affect the final decision.

Sarah Hann, Recording Secretary