Caring Community Circle

Beth Shalom caring community circleOur “Caring Community Circle” (CCC) has become an integral part of congregational life at CBS. It is activated when a congregant or family experiences a crisis, such as a death, a serious illness or in some instances when there is a special occasion, such as a birth or adoption.

It is structured in the form of a wheel, with our chairperson at the center. Small subcommittees then operate in the wheel, and are notified when their services are needed. Current CCC initiatives include coordinating efforts to support those who are ill, sending cards and coordinating the Knitters Circle which creates items for those in need or those who experience a loss. Helpers sign up to assist according to their comfort level.

Please take a moment to look at our circle and imagine how you could help a fellow congregant in a time of crisis.  At time of introspection, remember that we are God’s hands and God’s heart in times of need.

Contact Rachel Nolan-Johnson to learn more about how you can get involved.