Caring Community Circle

The "Caring Community Circle" (CCC) project is one that many Temples in the Reform movement have already put into action. It is only activated a couple times a year, when a congregant family has a crisis, like a death or serious illness. It can also be expanded to include happy occasions, like responding to a birth or adoption, or a very special occasion of any kind.

It is structured in the form of a wheel, with either one or two chairpersons at the center. Small subcommittees then operate in the wheel, and are notified when their services are needed. The chairperson (or chairpeople) get their information from the clergy, who notify them that something has occurred, and someone needs support and help. Helpers sign up according to their comfort level. For example, needs vary from driving to the airport to pick up relatives arriving, all the way to staffing a Shiva service or sitting with the bereaved, to visiting at the hospital. Needless to say, there are always needs for bakers and cooks as well.

Please take a moment to look at the drawing and imagine how you could help a fellow congregant in a time of crisis. At this time of introspection, let's remember that we are God's hands and God's heart in times of need.