Board Meetings

  • CBS BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING – NOVEMBER 13, 2017 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Treasurer Jeff Seidenstein informed the Board that Lu Cohen will pick up mail from the CBS mailbox and that Lee Manders has helped bring our financial records up to date. Jeff is developing a template for the next year’s budget approval process. CBS expects to have 85 member households this year. Vice President ...Read More
  • CBS BOARD MEETING – OCTOBER 9, 2017 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Treasurer Jeff Seidenstein reported that he anticipates that the congregation will have between 81 and 83 members this year. We have collected enough in donations to make up the difference between our current rent and our proposed rent at the new location but not yet enough to cover repairs and furnishings. The ...Read More
  • CBS BOARD MEETING – SEPTEMBER 11, 2017 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  Treasurer Jeff Seidenstein confirmed we have welcomed two new families to CBS so far this year.  He gave his financial report to the Board and stated his confidence in CBS’ reaching its financial goals. Rent for our considered new space will likely double what we pay currently, which has been substantially lower than ...Read More
  • CBS BOARD MEETING – AUGUST 14, 2017 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  The meeting primarily concerned discussion on finding a new location to replace our tenuous situation at the current MPB. Four options were considered: Lease the Sandor location (Auburn Woods) only Remain at MPB only Keep MPB as long as possible while renting classrooms from Shaarey Tefilla Replace the MPB entirely at Shaarey Tefilla ...Read More
  • CBS ANNUAL MEETING – MAY 21, 2017 - CBS ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING SUMMARY President Karen Friedman opened the meeting with a reminder of how far Congregation Beth Shalom has come in its short five-and-a-half-year history. It counts 77 member family units, has its own part-time rabbi, an active Brotherhood and Sisterhood, vibrant and busy committees, Adult Education, an outstanding religious school with 10 ...Read More
  • CBS BOARD MEETING – APRIL 13, 2017 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Board voted to charge bar and bat mitzvah students $600 per year beginning on July 1, 2017, for Hebrew and bar/bat mitzvah training to better align CBS with other congregations and programs. Additionally, if Religious School is offered for their age groups, students will be required to attend and pay the $150 ...Read More
  • CBS BOARD MEETING – MARCH 14, 2017 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  The rabbi’s D’var warned us as Jews to be always on the alert.  As learned from the history of Jews residing in foreign countries, others are good to us until they decide not to be. The Finance Committee meets early next month. Members will discuss how moving to a larger space could affect ...Read More
  • CBS BOARD MEETING – FEBRUARY 7, 2017 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Treasurer Lee Manders reported that all monthly expenses are tracking as budgeted. The Board voted to purchase large-print prayer books for Friday night services. The Board reviewed the Committee Protocols.  President Karen Friedman reminded everyone that after three years, committee chairs should call for interest in someone else’s taking over the committee. If ...Read More
  • CBS BOARD MEETING – JANUARY 10, 2017 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Lee Manders, Treasurer, stated that we are at the halfway point in the fiscal year. Our results so far are good. We are tracking at or better than expected in most revenue categories with no surprises. President Karen Friedman said that CBS has never addressed the area of Social Justice and that it ...Read More
  • CBS BOARD MEETING – DECEMBER 13, 2016 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Jewish Federation representatives Sheila Yuckman and Debbie Barton Grant attended the meeting to explain and answer questions about the coming 2017 Jewish Demographic Survey in Indianapolis.  Such a survey will be the first one done in Indianapolis since 1937. Federation will blanket the area with information to prepare the public for the survey ...Read More