about congregation beth shalom

Our Mission

Congregation Beth Shalom is a Reform congregation committed to the spiritual, educational and cultural needs of the central Indiana Jewish community. We are an inclusive congregation run by and for our members. Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and interfaith families are welcome to participate in the warmth and fellowship of our congregation.

Our History

Congregation Beth Shalom was established in the fall of 2011 by a handful of families who were seeking a smaller congregational experience where all congregants could easily participate or have input at any level.

In 2013 we were fortunate to engage Rabbi Stanley Halpern, who has guided us spiritually and has helped us to expand and enrich our worship and educational experiences. With his knowledge, CBS was able to mark two great milestones: our first Bar Mitzvah and the establishment of our Religious School.

Since then the congregation has flourished, offering expanded worship opportunities, supporting life cycle events, providing adult education encounters, and establishing our Sisterhood and Brotherhood.

Our Caring Circle was formed to assist our congregants during times of joy and need. It provides support during a time of loss, as well as during special life cycle occasions.

By reaching out beyond our own borders, CBS has become an active member in the Jewish community at large through participation in events and activities sponsored by the Jewish Federation, such as Popsie’s Pantry and the JCRC, and through involvement in Greater Indianapolis organizations, including Washington Township Schools, Gleaners Food Pantry and more.

Our Community

The ongoing activities of Congregation Beth Shalom are planned and supported by CBS members. Because we are a young congregation we rely on the talents and knowledge of our members, not just for our leadership, but also for our day-to-day operations.

Our Board of Directors is elected annually and is supported by committees who make recommendations and create our rich temple life.

Of course, financial support is needed as well. Our annual commitment is modest but is meant to be flexible based on the circumstances of each family. Our treasurer is helpful in formulating a plan to enable all members to contribute to the financial needs of the congregation.

All individuals are welcome to “try us out”, to meet members and to learn more about what Congregation Beth Shalom has to offer and what makes us unique in this community.